I hit this place AT LEAST once a day, mostly because I live right next door, as in I literally share a wall with these people.  My friend PP calls this place “MUNCHIE PARADISE” since this is where you end up when you die and go to stoner heaven (in case you were wondering).

Their bacon, egg, and cheeses are a clear Monster Jam – two perfectly fried eggs and just the right amount of bacon all neatly layered on a fresh toasted roll with a light sprinkling of salt & pepper.  Also, these guys actually listen to what you ask them to put on your sandwich *GASP*.  They don’t do stupid, imbecilic things like SOILING the entire roll with KETCHUP (*GAG*), unlike the surly retard that works at Hana Food down the street.

Anyways, the clear rock star at this place is the spiky haired guy.  I don’t know his name (we just refer to each other as “boss” – “Hey boss, good morning.  Hey boss, how are you?  Can I get a bacon, egg, and cheese?” )  He is the Gordon Ramsey of bodega sandwich makers.  The other guys are good too, but if spiky is working you should definitely get him to make your sandwich.  He KILLS IT!  I think he usually works in the mornings and in the early afternoons.

Personal favorite lunchtime MONSTER JAM: boar’s head “salsalito” turkey, provolone, lettuce, and mayo on a hero with salt & pepper – No tomatoes! (it makes the bread soggy).

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich – MONSTER JAM
Boar’s Head ‘Salsalito’ Turkey Sandwich – MONSTER JAM
Family Size Bags of Cool Ranch Doritos – MONSTER JAM
Toilet Paper Selection – MONSTER JAM

Jam to Crap Score: 8/8 – 100%

*Certified Crap Free*

685 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-1180