Momo Sushi Shack sounds like some strip-mall SHIT HOLE where your FATASS midwestern relatives shovel pounds of MAGGOT COVERED WINN DIXIE FISH into their mouths and FART LEE GREENWOOD SONGS to each other like a couple a half-retarded blue whales passing in the night, BUT IT’S NOT LIKE THAT SO STOP TALKIN’ LIKE YOU KNOW – YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT!

This is some FANCY MOTHERFUCKING SUSHI, it’s DAINTY AS SHIT, with little piles of raw (FRESH, NON-MAGGOT) fish, mayonnaise and wasabi arranged just so on top of some perfectly cooked rice. You’re going to feel like BUSHWICK’S BIGGEST PUSSY ASS trying to delicately wedge each of these FAT FUCKING WADS OF ARTISTRY in your face hole without looking like a DRUNK redneck in front of a plate of fried pork rinds.  If you’re feeling all self-conscious around all this BEAUTIFUL FUCKING FOOD, order the Pork Betty, which is ugly as shit, and then BEAT ITS ASS WITH THE UGLY STICK some more by dropping a 6-minute egg on top.

Pork Betty – MONSTER JAM
Spicy Mc Bomb – Jam
Mc Low Bomb – Jam
Spicy Una Bomb – MONSTER JAM

Jam to Crap Score: 8/10, 80%


43 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(718) 418-6666


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