I hit this place for the first time today and I almost LOST MY SHIT.  I walked out of here with THIRTY FIVE dumplings and 2 sesame pancakes for $9! That’s right, NINE BUCKS FOR 35 DUMPLINGS AND TWO PANCAKES!?!?  WTF???!!! Has anyone told these people that they live in New York City?  I hope not!

Pork and Chive Steamed Dumplings – MONSTER JAM
Veggie and Pork Steamed Dumplings – Jam
Pork and Chive Fried Dumplings – MOTHERFUCKER
Sesame Pancake with Veggies – Jam

Jam to Crap Score: 6.5/8 – 81.25%

*Certified Crap Free*

46 Eldridge St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 343-0683



DAMN YO!  This place is THE FUCKIN SHIT!  There is NARY a SHITTY thing on the entire menu.  I’m not jerking you around!  All the ingredients they use are MAD FRESH – no old CRAP here.  I can usually get a good sense of a Mexican joint by the chips and salsa and this place came out of the gate KICKING ASS AND TAKIN NAMES!  The salsa was a total FUCKIN MONSTER JAM and the guacamole came DAMN CLOSE to being a MOTHERFUCKER, but couldn’t quite go there, have to just go ahead and say it’s a MONSTER (don’t wanna get ahead of myself).  I had the enchiladas with green sauce and it was RIPPIN AZZ RIPPIN AZZ!!

Chips & Salsa – MONSTER JAM
Guacamole – MONSTER JAM
Chicken Tacos – MONSTER JAM
Enchiladas w/Green Sauce – MONSTER JAM
Enchiladas w/Mole Sauce – Jam

Jam To Crap Score: 11/12 – *91.7%*


372 Graham Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 782-8171